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Men's Health Awareness Week

This week we are raising awareness for Mens Health, with the theme this year being ‘Men's Health and The Internet’ – emphasising the impact of technology and social media on mental health.

With the statistics high on Men's Mental Health matters such as; anxiety, stress and depression, we strongly encourage you to check in on colleagues, loved ones, or anybody you feel is struggling and offer support where possible.

In a world of being connected to our phones and disconnected from each other, we have discovered the ‘Can Do’ Challenge - provided by Men's Health Forum (https://lnkd.in/eW-rNaey). This programme promotes mental well-being through tasks/actions to get happy chemicals functioning.

You are not alone; we all stand together.

Leah Putman Business Development Manager

Leah is the present and future of Business Development in Amiri. With a father in building and having done her first work experience from school in the Business Development department of a Construction company it was inevitable that she would end up in the industry. Her inquisitive and creative nature allied to her outgoing personality means she’s a great ambassador of The Amiri Way as well as having an excellent entrepreneurial mind to put together all the right people for all the right opportunities.