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Matthew Lawrence Dip. M MCIM

Non-Executive Chairman

Matthew has over 30 years’ experience of investing, specialist marketing and corporate finance. In recent years he has been actively involved in mentoring young, fast growing companies. Matthew has also personally founded companies across a variety of sectors in both Europe and Asia, including: technology, property, aviation and finance.  He is currently providing strategic marketing and business direction at board level.

Matthew has extensive knowledge of financial markets and corporate finance. For several years he was a director of a UK FCA regulated Investment management firm as well as a director of a stock exchange listed investment fund operating in the commodity and futures trading sector. He currently has a personal interest in a futures trading firm.

Matthew is currently a board member of a number of companies and the Non-Executive Chairman of an International Finance Group based in Jersey.

Recently he accepted the appointment as trustee of a charity actively involved in improving conditions for people and animals in one of South Africa’s most impoverished areas.

Matthew holds the Chartered institute of Marketing’s post graduate diploma and is an elected fellow of the Institute.